Saturday, January 9, 2010

Holiday Sweatshop Item #8: Peppermint Bark

In keeping with the holiday project theme, here is the only batch of peppermint bark I managed to make this year! Placed in Ball jars topped with Moda fabric (Figgy Pudding line) and a bow, it made a dangerously tasty and cute holiday treat!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Sweatshop Item #7: Felted Slippers

These slippers were one of my first serious knitting projects. I needed to take a class to decipher the pattern. Able to memorize none of it, I had to cross each stitch off the pattern once complete. Since that first pair I made one pair for my mom (with the wrong yarn - they felted up into huge fuzzy Muppet slippers. Blessed be the mothers who wear these sorts of "gifts" with pride).

I love my slippers so much that I keep wanting to make them for people. This pair is for my stepmom. Thank goodness I paid attention to the yarn this time.
Here's what they look like before being felted.