Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hand-Embroidered Kitchen Towels

We received some lovely handmade items for our wedding. I'll post a few to share the craftiness! These towels were embroidered by our good friend Jess. She took inspiration from our registry, so many of the items on the towels are also in our kitchen. Jess also authors this delicious food blog.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Choo Choooo Birthday Party

Elijah's 2nd birthday was a smashing success! Ever since Elijah went on the Durbin Rocket steam locomotive in WV this summer, he, like all other little boys, has developed a keen interest in trains. So when I found the invitation and DIY printables here and cute conductor overalls, we were off and running (my excuse for not sewing and crafting myself is the fact I'm about 14 months pregnant...ugh). We made pulled pork mini sandwiches with cucumber slaw, mac&cheese and baked beans as well as Korean beef, kimchi, shrimp skewers and mandu. The Korean food was practically inhaled by all ages, so from this point forward we will not split the bill between American and Korean food - it's one or the other! My friend Meghan of CosmoCookie provided me with the amazing vanilla and chocolate (with cinnamon!) cake recipes which were both frosted with buttercream. The gift bags consisted of wooden train whistles, red bandanas and stickers.

Thank you for all who helped celebrate!