Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fabric Storage Bins

Now that my closets are in order, I can focus on "decorating" them. I've come across several tutorials on sewing fabric storage bins, including the few pictured below, with more styles and tutorials listed on this blog.

Pink Penguin's fabric bin tutorial

I am deciding between some combination of Amy Butler's LOVE fabric and the numerous options from Echino. Any votes?

Amy Butler, LOVE
Echino "perch" in grape

A Closet Makeover

A laundry room should be a happy place, especially when you do roughly 17 loads a week! I reached a point a couple weeks ago where I couldn't take the mess any more and outfitted two closets with Elfa shelving (thanks, Norway). The professional installation was pricey, so I did it myself.

There was one narrow shelf that just wasn't cutting it.

Laundry Closet (before - gasp!)

I removed the shelf and patched the walls.

I painted the walls.

Installed shelving! Ahhh...bring on the dirties.


I tried to make due with a free-standing shelving unit, which clearly wasn't working. I was using the bar here for drying laundry which was a drag.

Pantry Closet (before - double gasp!)

I removed two old shelves (and bent my girlie hammer in the process), patched, painted and installed shelves and drawers! I look forward to opening the doors now.