Saturday, September 8, 2007

When friends reproduce, I produce. Baby onesies.

I also used the japanese pattern book (referred to by Ellen below) to make some baby onesies. I thought a bit about how to make the pattern transfer. I first traced the pattern onto regular notebook paper. Then, on two of the onesies, I used a tracing paper/tracing wheel set for fabric and a ballpoint pen to push the pattern through the tracing paper onto the fabric when the wheel could not catch the necessary detail. For the rather un-detailed rainbow onesie, I just traced the pattern onto a piece of notebook paper and sewed the paper onto the shirt to get the main pattern (before filling in with color etc). The paper was pretty easy to tear away.


Sharon said...

Presh, bub! I love the chickies and the bears are adorable. Who knew baby onesies came in other colors besides white??

Anna said...

Oooh...I don't know you, but I know Ellen. Just wanted to offer a suggestion I learned for embroidery transfer. It's this stuff that's used for quilting called "Sulky Solvy." It's clear, comes on a roll, is flexible and dissolves in water. You can buy it at fabric stores. You can just lay a piece over your design, trace the necessary lines in fine point Sharpie, and then lay it over your fabric and snap it in an embroidery hoop. Shazzam. It works really well. And then when you're done you can either tear it off, or just dunk it in water and poof!

Ellen said...

Oh my gosh. I think we might have had our first not-my-mom viewing of the blog. Thanks for the tip, Anna! Bubby, these are totally adorable. Think you can get headless photos of the babies wearing the shirts as a follow-up post?