Thursday, December 25, 2008

Spiral Rib Hat

Let me document the fact that I was sitting in my car on Christmas Eve day, having just run to The Yarnery for one more skein of yarn, the car was running to keep me warm, and I was knitting. I mean, I was due to arrive at our Christmas celebration and the wrapping for the gift I was finishing was sitting in the seat next to me. Next year I must remember: there are only so many items that can be knit in the few weeks before Christmas.

But this was one of them. And the recipient seems to like it quite a lot.
It's an M.L. Egan design. But M.L. doesn't seem to have a Web site.

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elana said...

I love my hat! I was just wearing it the other day and I was wearing my fingerless gloves today. just fyi.