Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mudroom Cabinet

This addition transformed our back entryway into a useful mudroom-like area - an essential project since we don't have a single closet on the main floor of our home.

Bags, shoes, hats, mittens, recycling...

Our fantastic pre-cabinet recycling system.
I have some strong words about how much I hated this.

We hired a friend's mother, a cabinet maker, to help us design and build something for the space. We wanted something that was consistent with the history of the home and that matched the woodwork elsewhere on the main floor (a mixture of oak and maple, but we preferred maple; when stained, birch looks the same for slightly less money). We also wanted specific functionality: hooks for bags/coats, cabinets for additional storage, space for boot/shoe storage, drawers for hats/mittens, and drawers for our city's soon-to-arrive single-sort recycling system.


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Sharon said...

wow, that is amazing. A++!