Sunday, March 25, 2007

All Knitting All the Time

The first time I wore this skirt to work, I realized my biggest challenge would be to find a non-knit top to wear with it. The skirt is a bit knit-overload, but I love the puffy felted flower complete with little roots hanging off the hem. The skirt (basically like knitting a really big hat) and flower patterns are in Stitch 'N Bitch Nation. For the drawstring waist I folded the top over and sewed it, then knit a drawstring of the same yarn. This puffy flower marked the beginning of my felted swatch obsession.

On a single dpn, CO 3 sts.
Slide sts to opposite end of needle; bring working yarn behind the needle and, w/ a 2nd dpn, K3.
Do not turn work; keep same side facing you at all times and pull the working yarn firmly around behind the sts on the needle to form a knitted tube.
Work in this manner until cord measures desired length.

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