Sunday, March 11, 2007

The tyranny of the checkbook clutch is over

Well, I decided to stretch my horizons and try to sew something non-flat (I normally stick to skirts, tableclothes, pillowcases, hankies...basically things that are more or less square). And I definitely exceeded sewing skills and my capacity for intense non-bookish thinking and frustration. But attached is a slightly weird looking Amy butler checkbook clutch. From pretty far away (like next town over) things seem to be fine, but up close you realize that it is not really a rectangle but more of a soft misshapen fabric envelope with extremely expensive stiffening fabrics inside that got a bit pinched.
Sharon, your swing bags look great! I esp. like the one with the coriander interior.

1 comment:

eguettler said...

That clutch is soooo clutch. I love it! Nice work, Bubby.