Friday, March 2, 2007

The s-WING bag

Hello craftatertots,

I'm hopefully going to manage to post a photo of the Amy Butler Swing Bag that I made last month. The fabrics I chose turned out to be a bit light, so it really seems like more of a summer bag. I had been planning on using Amy Butler fabrics for both the exterior and lining, but the patterns on the fabric ended up 1) bigger and 2) more intense than I expected. So, I had to cool the whole thing down with a solid, and could only find beige muslin to match (yawn). I also wish I had chosen a cool textured ribbon (e.g. velvet/grosgrain) to sew in as a closure to the bag and to complement and break up the pattern a bit. I'm still planning on adding one, but am somewhat limited due to my geographical location (although I admire Norway for its universal healthcare system, this country has a PALTRY selection of ribbons dispersed in 12 eensy weensy sewing shops country-wide).

It was fun making the bag! The end was definitely just a process of forging forward on blind faith in not having made a critical error. Two minutes from finishing, the bag was inside out, straps were pointing in all directions (and it was unclear which side was outside strap, which inside...whaa happened? basically) and there was a tiny whole left un-sewn through which one was meant to tease the outside (one had to hope) away from the inside (??). But it worked, and then one could just whip stitch like nobuddy's business and it was finished!

Now I can't wait to use it, but shall have to hold off until I am no longer being regularly splashed by slush from passing cars on a twice daily basis, normally to and from work.


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