Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Weekender Bag!

Yea for the Amy Butler weekender bag! This is a time consuming adventure but it's well worth the effort! I'm very happy with the way it turned out. The exterior fabric is from Amy Butler's Sunbloom line. The most time consuming parts were cutting out the fabric pieces (figuring out how to cut the pieces so that the pattern lined up appropriately nearly twisted my brain) and sewing the bag together so that the cording was flush with the seam. After ripping it out numerous times (ugh!), I finally got it to work. I would recommend stitching a few seams across the handles at the top for stability. Next time I might add an interior pocket...It's the perfect weekend or gym bag!


Ellen said...

May I point out that Sharon's fabric is better lined up than the fabric in the Amy Butler ad photo?! Way to go, Sharon!

Scroll down to the Weekender Travel Bag:

Miranda said...

Wow! That bag is amazing, Sharon!

Anonymous said...

This is really random but through a few google searches, I laid eyes on your weekender bag and it is STUNNING! I am having trouble finding the pattern on Amy Butler's site. Could you let me know if it is still being made. I started looking for ideas for an earring screen and that's how I landed on this blog and now I'm making a list of to-do projects! Thanks so much!

Sharon said...

I just saw your comment (better late than never?!) - did you find the Weekender Bag sewing pattern? If you google "Amy Butler Weekender Sewing Pattern" you'll find it from a number of vendors (Amazon, ebay, etc). Good luck and have fun!